Helping businesses and influencers unlock the power of influencer marketing through a sustainable, streamlined process.

Why Vozni?

Founded by a trio of professionals in 2017, Vozni was made to help businesses and influencers tap into the power of influencer marketing. Vozni is the brainchild of a marketing professional, a UX expert, and a skilled fullstack developer. While becoming friends they discovered they make good problem solvers too, and applied their expertise to create the Vozni ecosystem, based on a sustainable model for influencer marketing.

“Vozni” means porcupine in Armenian. Like the porcupine is full of quills, Vozni is a platform that unites brands and influencers. And no matter how surprising it might be, porcupines thrive in even the roughest terrain - from deserts to, well, the influencer marketing landscape.

Brave the terrain. Maximize your impact. Join Vozni.

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