Influencer Marketing FAQ

Vozni, the smartest influencer marketing platform allows you to either hire an influencer to get the influencer marketing campaign done, or you can register yourself as an influencer and make money by producing content & influence for other brand’s influencer marketing campaigns.
Wondering how to track the results of your influencer marketing campaigns? With Vozni, the smartest influencer marketing platform, you will be able to track results in real-time. Vozni's real-time & professional marketing metrics are designed to provide you with the most transparent influencer marketing service ever!
Influencer marketing works great, as it does not only generate leads but it also creates trust among your customers because influencers are usually people who are specialized in your targeted audience. Influencer marketing is a very powerful marketing tool that has a better return on investment (ROI) than traditional marketing. Keeping in mind that quality and authenticity of content are the basis of a successful influencer marketing campaign.
Anyone with creative content & professional skills can use Vozni to find opportunities and build a thriving influencer marketing business. Many influencer marketing campaigns are posted on Vozni daily, offering a variety of work opportunities for influencers with the right skills.
After registering and being part of Vozni’s quality influencers, our smart system will browse and direct you to brands or products you can relate to, so you can generate together an authentic working experience.
Influencer Marketing works like a miracle in marketing if done properly. As it can increase brand awareness and engagement, with a quick yet long-lasting increment in its sales. Influencer marketing helps brands connect with new audiences, build credibility and trust, amplify their brand’s message, generate leads, and boost sales. The direct line that your partners have with their followers allows you to break through and have a deeper impact.
Vozni’s team of developers worked for months to develop the smartest platform for Influencer Marketing. Using our platform’s smart intelligence, brands wishing to promote their products/services will be directly matched with the right influencers, for the campaign to have a maximum impact and exposure.
Every Influencer can register in Vozni. It is only after being vetted that the influencer gets the approval to join our platform, in order to maintain our transparency and have a quality influencer platform.
The payment procedure is made simple with Vozni. The platform issues an official payable invoice once the terms of your agreement with the influencer are met. Vozni takes care of the details.
Payments to influencers are made after the issuance of official invoices that can be downloaded directly from the website.