How to Spot Influencer Fraud

How to Spot Influencer Fraud

In the past few years, leading brands have been generating massive revenues from influencer marketing. Thanks to social media, influencer marketing has found its niche in social media platforms. Today, there are over thousands of influencers on social media networks, precisely on Instagram. Recent studies show that 79% of consumers rely on social networks to guide them to purchase decision. In addition, 49% rely on influencer recommendation through social media.  As can be seen, the power of influencer marketing is on the rise but so is influencer marketing fraud. There are tons of fake accounts on social media claiming to be reliable social influencers. How can we detect influencer fraud and prevent it? Continue reading to find out.

The Rise of Influencer Fraud

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Influencer marketing is a 1 billion dollar industry and many want to benefit from it. However, becoming an influencer on social media isn’t as easy as you think. Influencers must share authentic and credible content for them to have devoted followers. But what would fake influencers possibly do when they fail to deliver such content? They simply buy followers. There are now apps designed specifically to buy followers for the sake of becoming a social influencer. Unfortunately, the rise of such influencer fraud is causing a huge fuss and misleading engagements for brands. How can this issue be solved? let us first understand how influencer marketing works.

What is Influencer Marketing  

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Influencer marketing is all about influencing consumers on social media platforms. An influencer is an individual with many followers on social media platforms. Typically, these influencers are celebrities or simply individuals who have a deeply engaged audience. As previously mentioned, credibility, trustworthiness, and authenticity are the key traits of social influencers. Many brands are now relying on influencers to boost traffic and conversions. However sometimes, without noticing, they tend to rely on wrong influencers. Spending so much money on ineffective influencers can truly hurt your business in many ways. Nevertheless, to prevent fraudulent influencers for your brand, there are some easy ways to spot them out.

A Sudden Growth in Followers

Before choosing your social media influencer, examine their profile thoroughly every day. To be more specific, check their followers and see if they are increasing suddenly in a short period of time. If you spot that, the influencer is most likely using fraudulent strategies to gain followers.

Suspicious Hashtags and Comments

As previously discussed, before choosing the right influencer, inspecting their profile is a very crucial step. If you want to avoid investing in fraud influencers, you have to keep an eye out on their hashtags and if they have bot comments. For instance, check if they use hashtags such as #likeforlike #likesback #instalike. If you notice such acts, consider backing away and look for a more reliable influencer for your brand.

Few Posts but Thousands of Followers

Be aware of profiles that have many followers but with only a few posts. Such kind of profiles might be very suspicious and too risky to invest in. These accounts are most probably buying followers to trick you into investing in them. They might also be bot accounts. Bot accounts or fake accounts are automated programs often made by robots.

How Can Vozni Help You in Detecting Fraud?

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An influencer might have a large number of followers, but that doesn’t mean they have high engagement rates. Inspecting this might be a little bit harder, but smart tools such as Vozni can do all the work for you. Vozni can detect whether your influencer has fakes followers through its smart algorithms. It can also collect data of your influencer and see if they are the perfect fit to promote your brand. Vozni’s smart algorithms can detect common interests, demographics, and market segments that are suitable for your brand.

Last but not least, do not worry about not having a keen eye because Vozni can detect influencer fraud on behalf of you. With Vozni, you can create provocative relationships between your brand and influencers.

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