Connect with brands & get rewarded

Freedom to work on ideal marketing campaigns

On Vozni, you run your own influencer marketing business and choose your own clients, projects and brands. Just complete your profile and we’ll highlight ideal campaigns.

Wide variety and high pay

Leading brands are now posting campaigns in hundreds of categories, paying top price for great work.

More and more success

The greater the success you have on campaigns, the more likely you are to get hired by Brands that use Vozni.

Streamlined hiring
  • Vozni’s sophisticated algorithms highlight campaigns you’re a great fit for.
  • Vozni makes it easy to connect with Brands and begin doing great work!
  • With Vozni, you have the freedom and flexibility! Each campaign includes an online workspace shared by you and your client brand, allowing you to:
    1. Send and receive files
    2. Deliver digital assets in a secure environment
    3. Share feedback in real time
    4. Use Vozni to communicate with Brands

Get paid on time!

All Campaigns include Vozni Payment Protection — helping ensure that you get paid for all work successfully completed through Vozni.
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