What role do Digital Influencers play in a Campaign Strategy?

What role do Digital Influencers play in a Campaign Strategy?

Every marketing strategy, whether Traditional or Digital, needs to highly consider implementing Influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is considered to be the most important part of any marketing strategy. It is usually defined by a brand collaborating with a digital influencer to market/promote its products or services.

Meanwhile, Using the influencer mainly as a tool to reach their audience is the common mistake some brands repeatedly make nowadays. We will highlight the mistakes and help you find the solution, to optimize your next digital influencer marketing campaign.

Influencers are not just “tools”

Digital influencer role strategy

Today, influencer marketing is one of the most effective strategies in a successful digital marketing campaign. Actually, research has shown that influencer marketing, has a much higher return on investment than any other marketing strategies!

During your campaign planning, one of the most important things to do, is implementing a detailed research. Find the right digital influencers who represent your brand, with the niche/audience that you want to target and reach! Besides, remember to set your KPIs, for they will help you evaluate the influencer and measure the outcome of a given collaboration. In other words, what is the action you need your audience to make after the campaign goes live.

Here’s the trick: simply put, after deciding on the influencers, make sure you involve influencers in every single stage of your marketing campaign. They call them influencers for a reason. Influencers are creative people who know their audience preferences and the ways to reach them so well, they will generate organic and engaging content and amplify it to thousands of their followers.

That doesn’t necessarily imply that you can give them total freedom. Always follow up with the influencer and approve the generated content before it goes live on any social platform. Make sure it matches your brand’s values and image, otherwise, you’ll have no way back to fix the mistake.

Never underestimate the power of their audience. They clearly know the difference between paid, superficial ads and authentic/honest content, which they can believe and rely on. Therefore, when involved, influencers will simply provide your brand with the credibility and the authenticity it really deserves.

It doesn’t stop here! Once you’ve built a strong relationship with the influencer, you now have a powerful asset in your hands instead of just having a tool!

There are many influencer marketing platforms available out there in the market. Only few have based their platform over the ideology which believes in building a strong relationship between the brand and the influencer.  And that will turn your audience into potential customers. Vozni is the smartest influencer marketing platform, where you can start your influencer marketing from scratch. It’s called smarter than influencer marketing for a reason!!

Your Influencer Marketing Campaign is only 3 clicks away!

Digital influencer role marketing strategy

Vozni has tried its best to make its platform simple and user friendly. Once you register as a brand, all you have to do is to provide a few specific details of your campaign. Vozni’s smart core will instantly detect and match you with the right influencers.

You’ll start receiving proposals from skilled & creative influencers almost immediately. Hence, you will be able to partner with the influencers, communicate your idea and brand with them, give them some time to create content. All that remains is your approval and your campaign is ready to go! Now It’s time to Track your results in real-time! Vozni does the heavy lifting, you get the results.

Create your first Smart Influencer Marketing Campaign now!

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